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Vibration Therapy at Discover Chiropractic

Discover Chiropractic in San Jose is your go-to office for whole body vibration therapy. Maybe you have heard of vibration therapy and wonder about the benefits? Dr. Osborne uses vibration therapy as part of your recovery and health-improving care plan and wants you to know that vibration therapy includes benefits such as:

Woman using Vibration Therapy for pain relief.

  • Pain relief
  • Circulation improvements
  • Stress reduction
  • Muscle strength
  • Bone strength
  • Metabolism elevation

These benefits occur due to the body's response to the therapy. During full body vibration therapy, your muscle contract and relax in response to the vibrations. In addition, you may be asked to perform exercises on the vibration platform, which further increases the muscular, bone, circulation and metabolic benefits. As your muscles grow, you become stronger. When your muscle tissue increases, your metabolism elevates to maintain the new tissue. When the cells are stimulated with vibrations, it encourages the bones to produce cells that enhance their strength. All of this occurs with an increase in circulation and nerve flow which is improved through the vibration therapy.

Types of Vibration Therapy in San Jose

Vibration therapy platforms allow for full body vibration sessions. Dr. Osborne may use vibration therapy if you are struggling to move due to an injury or chronic condition. Instead of asking you to perform exercises that may increase your pain, Dr. Osborne uses vibration therapy to stimulate the muscles and healing response to decrease pain while you are maintaining strength. As you progress, your vibration therapy in San Jose may include movement exercises on the platform such as squats to further boost your recovery. We may also use vibration massage therapy to reduce inflammation and stimulate healing. When the vibrations are localized, your body produces muscle and bone tissue in that area. This helps you recover from injuries and can also work to decrease your pain as circulation flow improves to the area. This increase is an effective way to remove toxins and inflammation that contribute to your discomfort.

Contact Us to Learn More About Vibration Therapy Today!

Our full body vibration therapy and our localized vibration therapy sessions are focused on decreasing pain and promoting healing. Whether you are experiencing discomfort following an auto accident, work-related or sports injury, your chiropractic care plan may include vibration therapy. Dr. Osborne uses this as a complement to other care services such as gentle adjustments, posture improving exercises and lifestyle suggestions. When full body vibration therapy is used in combination with your chiropractic care plan, you experience the additional benefits of muscle and bone strength. The health team at Discover Chiropractic invites you to visit our healing center to learn more about body vibration therapy. If you have questions, would like to speak with Dr. Osborne or want to schedule your consultation, please call us today at (408) 985-1111.

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